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Chumby website redesigned

The Chumby website has been redesigned, as announced on the forums. My favorite? The ‘My Chumby’ dashboard:

Chumby Dashboard

Check out major redesigns on these pages:

The shiny new front page now uses the theme “Wake up to your internet life” and offers a Chumby overview video. The page also highlights popular uses:

  • In Your Life
  • Clocks and Alarms
  • Photo Viewing
  • Sports
  • News and Entertainment

Don’t get the chumby? Take a look at chumby.com, as Scott Jansousek suggests.

And if you’re not impressed by splash, there’s always the code:

	(O o)    Chumby says, "I'm now at version 773."

Oops, I mean, the developer page. 🙂 Community widgets are now easier to find, sorted into categories in the widget guide, instead of lumped into the widgets laboratory.