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Scratch-proofing my chumby touchscreen

I kept the original film covering on my chumby for awhile. It’s not meant to protect the chumby in normal use. The sticky bits holding the film in place are prominently marked “peel here”. But it held up pretty well for 6 weeks:

Chumby with scuffed film

The chumby is a fingernail-operated touchscreen, so I ordered a custom invisibleSHIELD, a plastic originally used to “protect the leading blades of helicopters from wear and tear” and now sold for iPods, laptops, cameras, etc.

They come with a lifetime guarantee so I’m guessing my chumby screen will be safe from my fingernails from here on out.

If you want your own custom-order invisibleSHIELD, you’ll need good measurements and a link to a photo. Here’s what I gave them:

  • Inset in a bevel
  • 2 1/8 inch x 2 27/32 inch, plus a hair on each side
  • Radius at the corners at about 1/32 of an inch
  • a link to chumby.com for photos

Expect to pay about $18 with shipping and to leave your chumby powered off for about a day after applying the screen protector. For better results, recalibrate the touchscreen afterwards to compensate for any loss in sensitivity.